5 days

Rental period lasts 5 business days. Your instructions will indicate the last day to drop off.

Drop off

Drop off at a UPS location so it is scanned by your return date.

Contact us

If you have any questions or need another return label please contact us!

How To Return

1. Pack

Disconnect power cords from sign, roll up using included twist ties & place in the side compartment, along with the remote dimmer & dimmer cord, inside the shipping box.

2. Close

Place the top lid of the box onto the bottom part of the box. Attach the velcro straps on both sides. DO NOT USE TAPE. THE USE OF TAPE WILL RESULT IN A DAMAGE FEE. Attach the included zip ties to each side handle (each side) to ensure that it does not open in transit.

3. Ship

The return label is located on the back of this page. Insert face-up, into the sleeve on the lid of the box. To ship, bring the box to a UPS location.

Rental Policy

Rental Terms:

The rental period lasts 5 days and the date of the return is stated on the return shipping label and will also be emailed. Renter understands they are responsible for all rental items & the custom packaging while in their possession. Should the renter receive any of the items damaged, missing or incorrect, the renter has 24 hours to notify Howdy Dudey Neon in writing accompanied with photos. If the claim is approved, Howdy Dudey will send a replacement sign of equal value. If there is not an equal replacement, renter will be refunded.

Late Fees:

Rental periods last for 5 days and are required to be sent back (scanned at a UPS location) on the 5th (final) day. Howdy Dudey reserves the right to charge $25 each day for rentals that are shipped back 1-3 days late, if the rental is returned between 4-7 days late you will be charged an additional rental week ($199 max total). If you are more than 7 days late, Howdy Dudey reserves the right to charge for the retail price of the sign ($575) + the custom reusable rental box ($350) for a total max charge of $925.

Damaged Returns & Missing Items

Our rentals are sent in eco-friendly boxes and packaging, if the sign is returned without the custom reusable box you will be charged the price of the box ($350). If there are missing items from the box that you are unable to locate you will charged to replace accordingly: power cords $25, Dimmer $10, Sign will be charged retail price ($525-$625). If you do not use the enclosed security zip ties and your sign is missing from the box you will be responsible for the replacement of the sign and missing items. Damaged items will be charged based on the amount to fix.